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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Subliminal Gardening

Where is it written that gardening is a form of subliminal activity? That the organisation of space on an experiential, sensory basis proceeds from desires that verbalisation cannot satisfy? Where is an acknowledgement of gardening as the effort to convey, or better yet, to satisfy some undercurrent of feeling?
If we approach gardening this way, as the effort to arrange a scene, whether a still life or a bit of pond life, then this is my latest gardening exercise.
What it leaves unexplained may or may not be of consequence. But for people who want their gardens to mean something, I can offer two possiblities. One, that this particular effort exemplifies the sub-liminal; it is a garden exploration of the not-quite conscious. Two, that the topic is still being excavated, and will find an explicit meaning in time, as the various elements interact.